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Monday, January 20th, 2020
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South Florida Premier Cricket League

Submitted By: Myrtle Grove Cricket Club
Match Challengers vs. Myrtle Grove Cricket Club
Umpires: Mohamed Ally and Rohith Secharan
Match Date: 2019-04-14 10:00:00
Ground: Brian Piccolo Park South
Toss Won By: Challengers
Team Batting First: Challengers
Winner: Myrtle Grove Cricket Club
Summary: 7 wickets
Man of the Match: Nicholas Mittoo
  Challengers Batting Howout Fielder Bowler Runs Min Balls 4s 6s SR
1Sunil Mittoo bowledNicholas Mittoo9 00
2Antonio ScottcaughtwkprAlderman LesmondLenroy Whyte0 00
3Horace StanleylbwNicholas Mittoo23 00
4Simeon PierrecaughtDwayne ThompsonNicholas Mittoo43 00
5Romaine BennettcaughtTazmool HooseinOmari Williams1 00
6Dwayne JamesrunoutLenroy Whyte30 00
7Dasheil OwenscaughtTazmool HooseinNicholas Mittoo7 00
8Barry Khemrajsinghnotout0 00
9Hal Lewinstondidnotbat0 00
Extras:  19
Total:  132
Fall of Wickets:
Bowling O M R W WD NB Avg Econ SR
1Lenroy Whyte4.0020 10020.005.0024.00
2Vinton Crawford2.0015 0007.50
3Nicholas Mittoo4.0020 4005.005.006.00
4Sherwyn Powell2.0021 00010.50
5Omari Williams4.0020 10020.005.0024.00
6Dwayne Thompson4.0031 0007.75
  Myrtle Grove Cricket Club Batting Howout Fielder Bowler Runs Min Balls 4s 6s SR
1Omari WilliamscaughtBarry KhemrajsinghSimeon Pierre55 00
2Nicholas MittoobowledDwayne James35 00
3Damian RowelbwDwayne James2 00
4Sherwyn Powellretiredhurt9 00
5Alderman Lesmondnotout4 00
6Thomas Howellnotout4 00
7Garth Daleydidnotbat0 00
8Lenroy Whytedidnotbat0 00
9Tazmool Hooseindidnotbat0 00
10Vinton Crawforddidnotbat0 00
11Dwayne Thompsondidnotbat0 00
Extras:  24
Total:  133
Fall of Wickets:
Bowling O M R W WD NB Avg Econ SR
1Dasheil Owens4.0026 0006.50
2Horace Stanley2.0027 00013.50
3Simeon Pierre4.0025 10025.006.2524.00
4Dwayne James4.0029 20014.507.2512.00
5Antonio Scott4.0016 0004.00


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